1st hard cover YearbookIn the early autumn of 2007, the WNHS Classes of ’67, ’68, ’69 and ’70 returned to Wheaton for a three-day combined reunion.  They saw the Falcon football team win, danced into the early morning to a live command performance of our favorite band from the 60’s (Tony Pavilonis ’67, John Dahlstedt ’67, Ken Nelson ’67 and Buzz Angel ’67) at the VFW, toured the remodeled Wheaton North, enjoyed a semi-formal dinner and power point flashback (created by Rick Reinert ’67), at The Bank, and said good-byes at separate going away brunches for each class.  Between the organized events, there were many opportunities for people to get together informally.

Old romances, athletic performances, acting abilities and pranks all improved with time.  Anyone who wasn’t actually there in the ’60’s (and who wasn’t too gullible) might have been impressed.  What was real, very real, was the renewal of friendships.  After 40+ years, it was fun to reminisce about the good times, get caught up on the lives of so many friends, and to remember those who are no longer with us.

We extend our thanks to Anne Wittman Hawkins (’68), Jerry Bratkovich (’67), Mike Clemens (’68), Larry Mandel (’70), Kerry Pfund (’67), Rick Reinert (’67), Ellen Tweedie Wycoff (’68) and all the others who created and executed a very memorable reunion.


Toward the end of the reunion, Bruce Hartman (’67) suggested the members of the 1966 football team meet the following year to golf and raise funds for Wheaton North.  Bruce’s idea evolved into the formation of the formal Wheaton North High School Alumni Association.  Pat Spratt (’67) and the Chicago law firm of Shefsky & Froelich donated their time and money to create the Association as a 501(c)(3), tax deductible Illinois corporation.

We thank the past and present Directors for their generous donations of time, money and expertise in helping create and sustain the Association.

Present Directors: Clif Warren (’68 President/Secretary), Deb Pierce (’68 Treasurer), Janis Michilec Hahn (’68, Scholarships), Brian Basilico (’78, Marketing), Janene (Edgerley) Spratt (’68 Membership), Sharon Heggeland (’83), Celia (Hollatz) Bergman (’83), Warisha Aslam (2017), Emma Anderson (’81), Angie Meza-Stratman (2005), Pat Cave Reed (’71, Gone But Not Forgotten), .

Past Directors: Cole Helfrich (’70, President), John Hartness (’71, Vice President & Advertising), Jeri Powles (’68, past Secretary), Shelly Whitney (’87, Treasurer & Secretary), Roger Heaton (’67, past President), Ruth Springer Kraakevic (’69, past Treasurer), Bob Cahill (’68, past President), Bruce Hartman (’67, past President), Rick Reinert (’67, past Treasurer), Carol Medendorp  (’75, past Secretary),  Debra Banzhaf York (’70), Anne Wittman Hawkins (’68), Bill Elliott (’67), Alice Jensen (’68), Bob Spedale (’78), Pat Spratt (’67), Fran Kay Thompson (’67), Susan Mac Kay Durbin (69), Larry Mandel (’70), Randy Pfund (’70), John Friedery (’74), Mary Palma Biegler (’67) .

The Board of Directors also extend their special thanks to Brian Van Hovel (’70) who donated a great deal of time and expertise in creating the original web site for the Association and to Brian Basilico for his work in creating the present web site.

The Wheaton North High School Alumni Association welcomes you.  The WNHSAA is for all alumni, faculty, friends and family.  We encourage you to invite others to join.  We hope you can make good use of this website to help organize your class reunion,  to share your ideas for improving the web site and the WNHSAA.  Unlike the commercial organizations that charge fees for access to alumni information, there is no charge for using this web site.  However, there are expenses and we rely upon your tax deductible contributions to sustain (and hopefully expand) this web site.