This page is to honor those who have served and are still with us.
Thank you for your service!

First NameLast NameGrad YearBranchRank
ChrisCullison1967USMCLt. Colonel
BillDoran1967US Army 1969-1971E5
ChuckFranz1967US Army 1970-197335th Armored Division, Specialist E4
Bill Nates 1967 US Army
Richard Volpe 1967 US Airforce 1974-2004 Colonel
RobertWinkler1967US Army 1968-1970Specialist 5th Class
BillBrooks1968US Army
JayKazminski1968US Army 2001-2021Sergeant First Class
Chuck Trumbower 1968 US Army 1968-1971
DanBrown1970 US Navy 1969-1972E3-182
DonHeiden1970US Air Force 1971-1975Sergeant
Al Taylor 1970 US Air Force
Ray Canada 1971 US Air Force 1973-1977
Ralph Navarro 1973 US Air Force 1976-1980 Staff Sergeant
Lise Dencoff 1974 US Army SSG 1974-1982
Jeffrey Dickman 1974 US Navy 1974-2005 Naval Academy Grad Captain
ChristopherGutmann1974USMC 1979-1998Major, Naval Aviator
Pamela Trumbower 1974 US Air Force 1974-1977 US Airman 1st Class
Jay Wight 1974 US Army 1978-1982 Captain
SeabergRobert1976US Air Force, 24 yearsLt. Colonel, AF Fighter Pilot
MichaelMcGee1977US Air Force 1977-1981Sargeant
Mark Inch 1978 US Army 1982-2014 Brigadier General
Kirk Farah 1979 US Army Captain
Wesley Polender 1979 US Army 1983-2013 Colonel
Michael Tuggy 1979 US Army 1987-1994 Major
Eric Barnhart 1980 US Army Gulf War
Richard Ryder 1980 US Air Force 1983-1989 Staff Sergeant
Peter Buchikas 1981 US Air Force Senior Master Sergeant (Ret.)
Steven Masters 1981 US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)
Gerry Scott 1981 US Air Force 1981-2016 Retired Chief Master Sergeant
Mark Taylor 1981 US Air Force 1982-1992 Staff Sergeant
Margaret Calacci 1983 US Army
Ken Gates 1983 US Air Force Retired LT. Col.
Scott Hedstrom 1983 US Army Rangers
Frank Kuska 1983 US Air Force Colonel
Peter Metros 1983 US Air Force
Ben Resch 1983 US Army 7th ID 1985-1989
Jim Rowan 1983 US Navy
John Savage 1983 US Air Force, 1993-2017Colonel, Retired
Jason Van Doren 1983 US Naval Reserves
Susan Cverko 1984 US Army 82nd Airborne
Jeannina Fraley 1984 US Army SGT
Karen Goonan Blouin 1984 US Air Force 1988-1993 Captain
Deborah Hollinger 1984 US Army
Tim Kmiec 1984 US Navy 1984-1986 EN2
Jeffrey Murphy 1984 US Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)
Rob Rowan 1984 US Air Force
Jon Seaton 1984 US Air Force Retired Master Sergeant
Leon Stewart 1984 US Air Force
Amy Dencoff Marcozzi 1985 US Army 1985-1993 SGT
Rodney Hampton 1985 US Air Force
Brett Harmon 1985 US Army
Shawn Rimbach 1985 US Air Force
Rebecca Conway 1986 US Navy
Ramon Konewko 1986 US Army
Dawn Staley Young 1986 US Navy
Mike Strom 1986 USMC Lieutenant Colonel
BryanGrondfeldt1987US Navy, 1987-1997Bt3/e4
AnthonyMarentic1987US Army ( 3 years)E-4 Specialist
RemiHajjar1989West PointProfessor, Colonel (Jan 2019)
HermanRobinson1990US Air Force
DicksonAmoah1998US Air Force
WillKeys1998US Navy
MarchewkaEdward1999US Navy, 1999-2002Petty Officer 3rd Class
ZackAmsden2002US ArmyWO1
Lisa Mosley Amsden2002US Air ForceSr A
RyanAndes2003US Army (5 years)E-4 Corporal
JustinMashburn2003US Army 2007-2017A co 2-9inf 2ID
Merrill’s PLT HHC 4th ranger training BATT
Easy co 2-506th 4BDE 101st ABN
C co 3-41 BATT 1st styker BDG 1st AD
OEF 10-11 and 13-14
Brandon Verstat2003USMC
MyrickAnthony2004USMC 2005-2013SGT
RobertHamilton2005USMCCorporal 2005-2013; 3BN 4MAR
060901 - 070501
080210 - 080917
Operation Shatrujeet
090109 - 090220

091001 - 100430

Operation Tomodachi.
Mar 2011 - May 2011
AshleyJabczynski2006US NavyE4, served 4 years
Kyle Gardner 2007 US Navy
SeanPhillips2010US NavyE-5, Retiring in April 2021