Scholarship Winners

The WNHS-AA is VERY proud to introduce the recipients of the 2017 Alumni Scholarship. I’m sure you will agree with us that these graduating seniors are very worthy students. Here are the bios that will introduce you to these very impressive young men and women. Congratulations to all, and thank you again to all who donated to make this scholarship possible.

Warisha Aslam

We are excited and proud to introduce you to our 2016 scholarship recipients. Warisha Aslam was involved in so many activities as a student it isn’t possible to list all of them. She was a member of several Honor Societies (6 to be exact) as well as serving as an editor on the Falcon Flyer, membership on the speech team and a role in one act plays. Along with maintaining her honor level grades she volunteered as a tutor in various capacities. She still found time to also volunteer for the League of Women Voters and on political campaigns. She will be attending the University of Illinois – Urbana with the intention of getting a BA in Political Science. She hopes to attend law school and one day run for political office.

Hana Bayssa Tesfaye

Our second scholarship recipient is Hana Bayssa Tesfaye. Hana was active in track, cross country, speech and one act plays . She is a very active volunteers at her church where she works with the youth group and teaches the Amharic language. She will be attending DePaul University with the intention of receiving a degree in Computer Science. In looking back at her time at WNHS she stated she wishes she had focused less on grades and more on school and community involvement. She also stated that learning takes many forms, not always in the classroom. We are honored and proud to support such a bright and promising young lady.

Juan Antonio Lopez

Several weeks ago we were contacted by an alumni who wanted to set up a $2500. scholarship to assist a student who wouldn’t qualify for other scholarships. The Alumni (who asked to remain anonymous) asked us to chose a senior who may have struggled in high school but a scholarship would boost their chances of continuing their education. One of our applicants fit the criteria. Juan Antonio Lopez shared that initially he was involved with a bad group of friends and didn’t take school seriously. An opportunity to visit some colleges opened his eyes to what he could achieve. Juan buckled down, starting meeting with a tutor and raised his GPA a full point in less that a year. He also expressed a desire to be a positive role model to his younger siblings. We are really excited to award the first “Boost” Scholarship to this fine young man.


The WNHS-AA is VERY proud to introduce the recipients of the 2016 Alumni Scholarship. I’m sure you will agree with us that graduating senior William Marchese and Saniya Qadirare are very worthy students. Here are the bios that will introduce you to this very impressive young man and woman. Congratulations William and Saniya and thank you again to all who donated to make this scholarship possible.

Essay by: William Marchese

William MarcheseI am so honored to have received this scholarship. It will help me to afford Swarthmore College: the small liberal arts college in Philadelphia I will be attending next year. At Swarthmore, I plan on taking a wide variety of classes, and to pursue a double major in either art history, political science, sociology/anthropology, history, gender studies, or interpretation theory (two of these six!). Also, Swarthmore is distinctive for its rigorous honors program; honors seminars are capped at 8 students, go well past their official end time, and have external examinations conducted by scholars unaffiliated with the college. Challenging? Yes. Thrilling? Absolutely. I am honored to have the opportunities for such academic growth. 

While not in class, I hope to be quite active on campus. I intend to join many of Swarthmore’s political groups—Democratic Socialists, Queer Alliance, Environmental Justice—as well as to write for the newspaper and intern at local campaigns and art museums. In general, I hope to embody theory and practice while in college, applying classroom discourse to my community and country. 

Although I don’t have any specific plans for after college, I know that I want to improve people’s lives. Politically, this could be through conventional means like public office, or activism and organizing. Alternatively, I would also love to work in museums,  journalism, or academia. 

I could wax poetic about my future plans for ages, but what’s most important is that I say this: Thank you. I cannot wait to explore my academic passions and advocate my causes—your support has helped to make my collegiate dreams a reality. For this, I am profoundly grateful.

William Marchese

Essay by: Saniya Qadir

Dear Wheaton North High School Alumni Members,

Saniya QadirWhen I moved from Canada three years ago, I thought I was going to be all alone, having to start all over again. I did not know what the future would hold, who I would be, or how my life was going to change. I only knew one thing: I knew that I was ready and excited to learn and explore the world; I had this extreme passion and drive to learn. When Wheaton North High School opened her doors to me, she fostered this passion for learning and made me discover that I have the potential to change the world. I looked at every opportunity as a way to grow myself, give back to the community that gave me a new life when I first moved, and share my thirst for knowledge with others. As such, in my high school, I served as a Freshman Academic Advisor helping students make an easy transition to high school, an Ambassador, the Vice- President of Future Health Professionals, the Vice-President of the Mathematics Honors Society, and was involved in many other clubs and honor societies. I also made efforts to give back to my community, volunteering at the DuPage Convalescent Center and being a teaching assistant for the Mini Medical School at Edwards Plainfield Hospital. When I was recognized for my work in the Daily Herald Newspaper for the DuPage Leadership Team and received a VolunTeen Scholarship from the Convalescent Center, I knew I was not alone. I had the world’s support with me encouraging me to strive for the best.

I was accepted to the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine’s seven year Early Acceptance Program. This program guarantees my seat in medical school provided that I maintain the required GPA after my three years at Lewis University. Therefore, in the fall, I will be going to Lewis University. By pursuing an undergraduate pre-medical degree, I will continue to grow, carrying with me the lessons that I have learned. I want to use my education, knowledge, and experience to become a humble person and hopefully one day as a doctor, I want to use this to improve the lives of others. I am very excited for the future and I will never forget Wheaton North and the support they gave me. I will cherish and remember all the lessons that have gotten me thus far to strive and reach further. Thank you so much for your scholarship, you have gotten me one step closer to my dream!

Saniya Qadir

Essay by: Marina Dimas

Dear Wheaton North High School Alumni Association Members,

10846511_10153477602757516_1901137568833022256_nDuring my college search, it became evident that an education from Wheaton North was valued and high ranking. I am thankful for my years at WN and did my best to take advantage of the many opportunities offered there. I  was involved in the volleyball program, served as a Falcon Ambassador, Senior Class VP of Public Relations and was active in multiple Honor Societies. Outside of the hallways of Wheaton North, I was heavily involved in my church’s youth group and youth theater troupe. A common denominator in  my high school activities was service to others. In the fall of 2015, I am headed to Indiana University where I will pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish. Your generous scholarship will enable me to pursue studies that emphasize service to others. It is difficult to fathom that in just a few short weeks, I will be eligible to join your ranks. I am honored and humbled that I was chosen to receive the 2015 scholarship. We are Falcons. We are Proud.We are North. Thank you!
Marina Dimas

2014 Scholarship Winner

Essay by: Katherine Shikany

Shikany0002Wheaton North has been my home away from home for the past four years. In fact, there are many days during which I am at WNHS more than I am at my house! But there is nowhere I would rather be given its welcoming, opportunity-rich community that we have all been lucky to be a part of at some point in time. 

First and foremost, my time at Wheaton North has been focused on academics. Wheaton North possesses a talented array of teachers that have taught me so much during the past four years.  After taking many AP and honors classes, studying for hours on end, and working very hard, I am excited to report that I accomplished my goal of becoming a member of the Class of 2014’s Top 5%! Additionally, I am a member of three honor societies, an Illinois State-Scholar, and was voted English Student of the Month by the English Department. My favorite subjects include Biology, Spanish, English, and Psychology.

Throughout my Wheaton North experience I have been involved in various extracurricular activities. I am a four-year varsity competitor in cross country and soccer, two sports that I have participated in since elementary school. I was voted Most-Valuable-Athlete in cross country my sophomore, junior, and senior years, consistently performing well at meets and leading my teammates as a team captain my junior and senior years. Since freshman year, I have also been recognized as a member of the All-Conference Academic Team, a group comprised of athletes that excel in the classroom. Additionally, I write for our school’s newspaper, The Falcon Flyer, mentor new students with New Student Welcoming Committee, volunteer at school events through Falcon Ambassadors, and serve as the President of our school’s chapter of National Honor Society.  Volunteering is very important to me, and I love helping the community whether it entails working with charities or leading Freshman Orientation. Tutoring students in Spanish is one of my favorite activities, for I can simultaneously give back to the community while preparing for studying Spanish in college to prepare for what I hope is my future in the medical field. This year, I co-founded a Future Health Professionals of America club at my school to educate peers about careers in the medical field. But don’t worry! Although I was voted Most-Involved (and Best Hair!) by my senior class, I somehow I still found some time to be a teenager (superfanning at football/basketball games, watching Netflix, and spending time with family and friends). Two of my favorite moments at Wheaton North were rushing Rexilius Field after beating Wheaton-Warrenville South in football in 2013 and being crowned Homecoming Queen! 

In the fall, I will be attending Washington University in St. Louis to study Biology and Spanish as a Pre-Med student. Sometimes I have to pinch myself! I feel extremely blessed to be able to attend one of the strongest universities in the nation.  I am very excited to venture out into the world outside of Wheaton, but I will forever cherish the influence and memories of Wheaton North. 

Past Winners

2011       Reece Butler                      $1,500.00                             Wheaton College
2011         Paige Evangelista            $1,500.00                             University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
2010        Alysa Rose                        $1,000.00                             College of DuPage
2010        Danielle Vargas               $1,500.00                             University of Wisconsin – Madison
2009       Brittany Natanek             $2,500.00                             College of DuPage
2009       Liz Slinger                          $2,500.00                             Taylor University.