2014 Homecoming/50th Anniversary Weekend


Your Wheaton North HS Alumni Association is working with many volunteer Alumni to make this the biggest, best and most SPECTACULAR  Homecoming/Reunion ever.  WNHS opened in September of 1964.  This Homecoming is the 50th anniversary for those Freshman and Sophomores and the opening of Wheaton North High School.

The 2014 Homecoming Weekend is an opportunity for alumni from ALL classes to renew their friendships and make new friends.  The Reunion will work to the extent the alumni participate and encourage their friends to attend.

Additional events may be added as volunteers step forward.  For instance, three alumni are currently working on a golf outing.  Another few are working on a football/cheerleader letterman event.  We may have baseball and/or softball  batting/infield practice if there is sufficient interest.

Leave a message at the “Contact Us” section at wnhs-aa.org if you would like to organize a bowling, tennis or other event.  If appropriate, the WNHSAA will assist you.

Please give us your ideas to make this a special time for alumni and faculty (yes, former and current faculty will  attend).

Thursday Events

Friday Events

Saturday Events

Sunday Events

ABOUT THE COST.  The Alumni Association is sensitive about the cost of attending the 2014 Homecoming weekend events.  Some events are free or low cost.  The Saturday night is more expensive but an excellent value for a classy evening in a beautiful setting.  The three-day VFW cover charge pass is necessitated by the cost of renting the facility (even with the VFW affording us preferred pricing and an alumnus making a substantial donation), the cost of hosting three events mandates the $15 cover charge.  We are not accepting payment for separate events to avoid the higher costs (in time and money) that would be incurred.  We hope you have fun and that you agree your money was well spent.